How About We Save You A Ton Of Time And Set All Six Of Your Membership Sites Up For You!

We've got you covered! We will set all SIX of your membership sites up for you so that they're all ready to go to start making you money...

Okay so you just grabbed the reseller license to the 6 ready to go memberships, and even though I'm going to show you how to set it up you may want an easier option, right?

Well how about we take care of EVERYTHING for you and set up all 6 memberships AND the Membership Site Marketing Automation System on OUR servers and give you a free year of hosting?

All you have to do is provide us with a domain name(s) and a few other logins and in 48-72 hours we will have absolutely EVERYTHING totally setup and ready for you to start using it to make money!

Here's what we will do for you...

What's Included, Liz?

We will take your domain name, hook it up to our hosting, and install the Membership Site Marketing Automation System. This will allow you to promote ALL 6 membership sites from one place.

We will edit everything with YOUR information, add your autoresponder code to your squeeze page (so your visitors can join your list), edit your download page, and add in ALL the emails that entice your subscribers to buy into all 6 of your membership sites.

Your subscriber will get these emails in a sequential order so that over time they have all 6 of your membership sites put in front of them MULTIPLE times! This will help you fill up your membership sites QUICKLY and most important... AUTOMATICALLY!

Next we will take all 6 of your membership sites and set them up... We will setup each of the member's areas, with all 12 months of content, and all bonuses in each.

We will then setup the sales letters for each and put YOUR order buttons on them! We will also set it up so your buyers are added to a buyers list that you can access within your autoresponder.

And last but not least... We will setup the affiliate program for each of these so you can have affiliates promoting your membership sites for you and making YOU money!

By the time we're done here you will have 6 membership sites setup and ready to get new members!

And here's the biggest benefit and where the most work comes in...

We will take all of your emails for all 6 membership sites, edit them with your name, website, affiliate links, and other info. We will then take them all and add them to your autoresponder in the sequence they are supposed to go in.

This way content for each membership is automatically delivered to your customers each and every month without you having to do anything!

This totally automates EVERYTHING for you and this alone will save you hours of time!

Here's The Bottom Line...

Every single component of all 6 of your membership sites AND the Membership Site Marketing Automation System will be setup for you and once we're done we'll send you all the details so you can start making money with it all right away!

As you can see when you invest in our installation service you're taking the stress off of yourself and putting it on us, and don't worry we can handle it. We've been doing this for years and can ensure you that EVERYTHING will be up and running perfectly!

If you want to save a ton of time and leave all the hard work to the professionals just click the order button below, pay the ONE TIME $297 fee, and we will get everything all setup for you, but you have to act fast...

We can only take on 35 25 clients at a time so if there's an order button below jump on this now because it will be replaced with a sold out sign as soon as all spots are gone!

RTG Membership Sites Install Service