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Hey! Are You Ready To Have Your Very Own Ready To Go Online Business In The Super Profitable Private Label Rights Niche?

Now you can forget the hair pulling, time consuming work of setting up a money making online business... I've done it all for YOU!

Hey there!

If you've found this page then either...

You don't have an online business yet and need someone who knows what they are doing to set one up for you and NOT charge you a fortune.


You're a smart online business owner who wants something "ready to go" to plug into your business for an additional income stream.

No matter which one you are, the bottom line here is I've created a complete ready to go business in one of the most profitable niches out there!

Now I want to hand it all over to you, so YOU can profit the quick and easy way...

I'm Liz Tomey and since 2004 I've been making money online in over 22 niches using various types of business models and today I want to give you a complete system that has made me money "hand over fist"!

No Smoke And Mirrors... Just Something That WORKS!

One of the best businesses you can have online is where you build a list and market products to that list. Products YOU don't even have to create!

Yes, that's a complete business you could make a serious income from!

Others would have you believe differently, but things don't have to be complicated to make money online.

You simply send out an email and you make money...

Pretty amazing right?

It is, BUT...

You have to...

  • Create a free offer that makes people want to get on your list. - If you don't have a great free offer no one will want to signup and get on your list.
  • Create a squeeze page that people visit, and you use "sales copy" to get them on your list. - The free offer is only half the battle. You've got to have great copy that makes them want it or they wont signup to your list.
  • Create a special offer that people can buy after they subscribe so you immediately make money. - You want money immediately, right? The only way to do that is to hit your new subscriber with an offer as soon as they join your list. This works like crazy!
  • Create a download page where people can download your free offer. - This is where some "technical" stuff comes into play, but also some "marketing" know how because you need to setup your download page to also make some money for you!
  • Create emails that get the new people on your list to know, like, and trust you so that they will actually buy from you. - If you don't build a relationship with ythe people on your list, they will NEVER buy from you.
  • Create emails that promote related products to your list so you make money. - This is where the big money comes in, but if you can't write email copy well then your subscribers will never buy from you!

I could go on and on here because there are about 10 other different activities to get this all setup and making you money!

It's a lot of work that pays off BIG TIME, but it stops most people because they either don't know how to do it correctly and/or don't have the time to do it.

And that's why I've created this for you...

Introducing The Ultimate Online Business System - The PLR (Private Label Rights) Edition!

This is a complete ready to go online businesssystem in the PLR (Private Label Rights) niche!

This is an incredibly profitable niche because PLR content and how to make money with PLR content is a HUGE money maker in many many many different niches. ANYONE with an online business needs PLR content and needs to know how to use it too!

You can be their "super hero" by putting them into this system, teaching them all the information they so badly NEED! And... YOU'LL make money while doing so!

Here's what you get with The Ultimate Online Business System - The PLR (Private Label Rights) Edition!

Component #1 - Ready To Go Free Offer

If you don't have a free offer that people WANT you'll never get them on your list!

That's why I created a complete guide that shows exactly how to make money with every PLR package they ever buy. This is the foundational stuff that people NEED and will lead them to buying what they need from YOU!

You're going to be their "super hero" from Day 1 with this!

You can use this free offer as is or edit it with your own affiliate links and information. (I'll even show you how!)

You could work weeks creating your own free offer or spend $200-$500 getting it created and MAYBE have something people want or you can have this ready to go in-demand free offer right now that is PROVEN to get people on your list!

Component #2 - Ready To Go Squeeze Page System

Now the other half of the battle... The way you people to get on your list is by having a PROFESSIONAL looking page that entices them to WANT your free offer.

With the "ready to go squeeze page system" you'll get a professionally designed squeeze page you can send traffic to and it will actually get that traffic to WANT your free offer and jump right on your list to get it. This is the biggest key to successfully building a list!

Not only that, but I'm also giving you a monetized download page that your subscribers can access to download the free offer, and if they click on any of the offers on your download page and buy you MAKE money...

Yes! I'm even giving you the opportunity to make money from your download page!

Imagine getting paid when people JOIN your list...

This squeeze page system is easy to setup (I'll show you how to do it) and you can customize it any way that you want!

Component #3 - Ready To Go Special Offer

This is where I blow the lid off of things for you when it comes to making money with this system...

I've created a special offer that your subscribers see as soon as they join your list. I've tested pricing points and have priced this at the absolutely best pricing point to ensure that YOU'RE making money WHILE building your list!

You'll get the entire sales page I've created with all of the bells and whistles, the monetized download page (yes, you can make even more money from you download page with built in affiliate offers), and all the "deliverables" totally ready to go.

Everything is fully editable and I'll even show you how to set it all up so that it works like a total automated money making machine.

Having a special offer that you put in front of people after they subscribe is the ultimate way to get the money coming in when it comes to building your list, and this special offer is so targeted and PROVEN to convert your subscribers into buyers!

Component #4 - Ready To Go Relationship Building And Promotional Affiliate Emails

To totally make this an automated system I created a 30 day email campaign that you can add your affiliate links to, load into your autoresponder, and collect commissions from over and over and over again on autopilot!

Set these up once and let them do all the relationship building and selling for you!

Within this 30 day email campaign I included very informative emails that will automatically build your relationship with your list which is part of getting them to buy from you. You've got to build that know, like, and trust and that's exactly what these emails do!

I didn't stop there though...

Then I created a few emails each for 8 different products you can be an affiliate for. These emails all entice your subscriber to buy the product through your affiliate link making you big time commissions!

Some of these products have funnels behind them that will pay you up to $498.50

This is the "icing on the cake" of this offer, and I'll even show you how to edit these emails with your affiliate links, and load them into your autoresponder.

Once this machine is setup there is NO stopping it! It's perfect automated income!

Component #5 - Ready To Go Most Profitable Affiliate Programs List

As you build your list, the best way to monetize the people on it is to offer them products that fit their interest.

Since this ready to go system is all about PLR I went out and found the most profitable affiliate programs related to PLR and organized them into a document for you.

Promoting offers to your list is the easiest way to make money because you don't have to have your own products, deal with customer support, or anything else that goes with being a product owner.

Want to promote something to your subscribers? Pull this list out, pick a product, and get promoting!

I spent hours putting this together and making sure the products were actually SELLING so that you could have a list of guaranteed money makers all ready to go.

This is great for continually making money from the list you'll continually be building!

Everything I just told you that you're getting is a complete ready to go, automated money making system!

This is an entire business that you can easily run in about an hour or two a day. I've done all of the hard work for you...

Hold On A Minute... Let Me Really Blow You Away With This Bonus Package!

I'm not going to stop at giving you everything you need to set this "ready to go" online business system. I'm even going to train you to set it up and start making money with it right away!

This bonus training and coaching is just more than a few "things" I threw together. They're like getting an entire marketing "how to" education for free!

Just look at the bonus training you're going to get...

Ready To Go In 2 Hours Setup Workshop

In this workshop I'll show you exactly how to get everything all setup in just two hours! Yes you'll be able to watch me set everything up step-by-step and have your entire online business model up and ready to build your list and make you money!

I'll show you how to get a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder. I'll then show you how to take each of the components you get and set it all so that you can have everything running on autopilot!

Once everything is setup you have NOTHING to do because your system is an automated machine that runs on its own!

The Traffic In 24 Hours Workshop

Once you have your online business system all setup, you're going to need to get subscribers so you can start making money!

In the Traffic In 24 Hours Workshop I'll show you the exact traffic methods you can start using to get subscribers in as little as 24 hours!

These are the exact strategies I use in my business to fuel my systems and make money on autopilot! I'll be revealing them all to you!

The Make More Money Workshop

Making money with your online business system doesn't stop at GETTING subscribers. You can continue to make money from them in many different ways and that's exactly what I'll be teaching you to do in this workshop!

I'll show you several ways that you can make additional income from your subscribers, and it's all super easy to do...

Having a system that pays your bills each month is great, but it's even BETTER when you can make even more money to spend on the "fun stuff", right?

With these amazing bonuses you'll learn everything you need to know to get your online business system all setup and running and making you money.

I'm giving you EVERYTHING here...

EVERYTHING you need to have a money making online business for yourself, and EVERYTHING you need to learn to market it so you can get subscribers giving you their money over and over and over again!

Are You Ready To Have Your Very Own Ready To Go Money Getting Online Business System?

I'm giving you every single thing you need to succeed here including coaching with me!

This offer just can not get any better and IS your best chance at having your own autopilot money making online business system that can create a massive income for you with the least amount of work!

Just to recap here's everything you're getting...

Yes! That's a real world value of $13,706 - $17,605 to have all of this put together, but I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that!

Not even half of that!

Not even a quarter of that!

As a special launch price you can get everything here for only a one time payment of $97 (or $197 for resale rights), but you've got to act before the special launch price expires!

Once it expires the price will go back to the original $497 price (or $997 for resale rights)!

Click on the Buy Now button below to get this special pricing!

You'll get instant access to the entire package, be able to follow along with the "Ready To Go In 2 Hours Setup Workshop", and be on your way to having your very own autopilot money making online business system up and ready to make you money in about 2 hours from right now!

Personal Use License

This license allows you to take the entire Ultimate Online Business System - The PLR (Private Label Rights) Edition and set it up and use it for your own profits!

Resellers License

Only 50 22 Licenses Left!

This license allows you to take the entire Ultimate Online Business System - The PLR (Private Label Rights) Edition and set it up and use it for your own profits AND it allows you to sell it as your own product and keep 100% of the profits. I'll give you everything you need to start selling the entire system! You can even charge others to install this for THEM! This is a BIG money option. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I need anything else to use what I'm purchasing here? +

You don't need anything other than the normal online business stuff. You'll need a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder. I explain all of this when I show you how to set everything up and even give you the best recommendations too!

What Are The Resale Rights Terms? +

If you buy the Resellers License you are authorized to sell the system to others. You will set it up for yourself and keep all the money, and the customers will all be YOUR customers. This allows you to make 100% of the profits.

The only things you can't do are give the system away and/or edit the system or sales materials with the exception of putting your name on it and your order buttons.