23 Income-Streams… ONE Plan!

In this video I’ll show you how you can use ready to go systems that are already created for you to create 23 different income streams!

This video will teach you A LOT about using funnels and moving people to different funnels. It’s a great way to have ONE main thing to promote and let automation do the rest of the work for you! This is how you save A LOT of time and make a lot of money. 😉



Here are the Ready To Go Systems mentioned in this video… Ready To Go List Building System – The Internet Marketing Niche Version – https://readytogosystems.com/sp/your-own-squeeze-page-v1

The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel – List Building Edition – https://readytogosystems.com/sp/your-own-affiliate-system-v1

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Funnel – Website Traffic Edition – https://readytogosystems.com/sp/your-own-affiliate-system-v2

The Big List Of DFY Affiliate Marketing Tools

This week we have talked a lot about affiliate marketing because it’s one of my favorite and most profitable business models. Specifically  we’ve been talking about DFY (done for you) affiliate marketing tools.

Things like squeeze pages, reviews, emails, content, etc. All the “stuff” you need to run an affiliate marketing business.

These are tools that you can use in your business that have been created for you by someone else. Usually you just throw your affiliate link into them, and you’re good to go. This takes a ton of work off of your shoulders! Always be on the lookout for these kind of tools.

I know of a ton of these tools, so I’ve decided to create this post so you can see what your options are. I will be updating this post as time goes with new stuff. I’ll email you anytime it gets updated.

Let’s get started…

1. Your Own Affiliate Marketing System – (Internet Marketing Niche) This is from yours truly. 🙂 It’s a complete ready to go system that gives you an opt-in page (squeeze page), a special offer that gives you a chance to make-money from every subscriber you get, and a 30 day email sequence promoting 5 different products you can be an affiliate for! This is exactly where you need to get started if you don’t have anything setup for your affiliate marketing business! – http://www.YourOwnAffiliateMarketingSystem.com

2. IM Niche Domination – (Internet Marketing Niche) This is from one of my favorite DFY creators, Lee Murray. You get TWO of his “spin ready” review templates, 3 of his products to use as free offers to build your list or use as bonuses, 150 DFY emails, and a ton of training on how to use it all! http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/IMNicheDomination

3. Email Ramp – (Multiple Niches) This is a killer little software that gives you 999+ emails to use in various niches for various things like launches, relationship building, emotional selling, story telling, and more! There’s several niches to choose from. You simply edit them with your information and links and BOOM! you have your own emails that get results! http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/EmailRamp

4. AR Mail Genie – (Multiple Niches) I love AR Mail Genie because it gives me ready to go emails I can use in promotions for loads of different products and services. Just add your affiliate links and you’re ready to go! All affiliate marketers need these DFY emails! http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/ARMailGenie

5. Pixel Cover – (Multiple Niches) We all need ecovers for the different free offers and bonuses we give people in our affiliate marketing business. That can get REALLY expensive. With this package you can get 100 different ecovers you can take and turn into several different types of ecovers. This is quick, easy, AND will save you a ton of money! http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/PixelCover

6. Affiliazon DFY Monthly – (Multiple Niches) Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to get into affiliate marketing. You’re going to need a lot of content to do it though! Affiliazon DFY gives you a ton of content you can use to promote your Amazon affiliate links. You’ll get things like video product reviews, promotional banners, info graphics, keyword lists and more. It’s like an affiliate marketers utopia! 🙂 You can check it out at http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/AffiliazonDFY

7. Weight Loss Niche Domination – (Weight Loss Niche) Here’s another great one from Lee Murray! This is everything you need to dominate the weight loss niche as an affiliate marketer. You’ll get a killer funnel to get started in this super profitable niche, content, training and so much more. This is a must have if you’d like to break into this niche! http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/WeightLossNicheDomination



[RTG] Mega Bonus Added For DFY Affiliate Marketing Tools!

Super excited today! 🙂

My friend Lee Murray just came out with a huge package on DFY tools for affiliate marketers and I LOVE it!

It’s like an affiliate marketers dream…


And I’ve added a very special bonus for those of you who get your hands on it!

First though let’s talk about what affiliate tools he’s created for you in this package…

1. Two different spin ready reviews you can use for ANY product or ANY software in the IM (Internet marketing) niche. This isn’t your regular “spin crap” either. This actually works and spits out REAL reviews that read very well.

2. Training how to use the spin ready reviews and make-money with them. There are 5 videos that show you how to use the spin ready reviews for any product you want, how to get them posted to your site, and how to promote your reviews so people actually click and buy through YOUR links!

3. Give away rights to THREE of Lee’s products he personally created. These would be great to build your list, use as bonuses, etc. I was probably the most excited about these three give away offers because I always need good stuff for my people. WAY worth the price for the whole package!

4. 150 DFY emails for the IM Niche. These are great for promos and all kinds of stuff. ANOTHER big reason I had to have this. 🙂

5. A ton of training on making-money with affiliate marketing. Lee included soooo may of his amazing courses.

This package is AWESOME! And for the price you’d be silly NOT to get it.

But I’m going to make this offer even sweeter…

When you purchase through this link >>> http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/IMNicheDomination

I’m going to give you an amazing bonus…

On July 20th, 2018 I’m holding a live workshop showing you how to create your very own review blog.

It’s called The Review Site Masterclass – The Affiliate Marketing Edition

Absolutely everything will be covered… From the techy side of setting things up all the way to finding the best niches and products to promote as an affiliate.

You’ll get a free-seat in this workshop PLUS you can use this workshop in your own affiliate marketing business. You can use it as a free offer, a bonus, or whatever you like.

I’m going to give you unrestricted PLR rights to the entire workshop plus any teaching aids I create like cheatsheets, checklists, resource documents, etc.

You’ll be able to learn from me and then turn around and take this workshop plus all the teaching aids and do anything with it you want.

This is a massive bonus!

I was going to charge $97 to get into this workshop and NOT offer PLR to it, but what Lee has IS that amazing, and I also want to give you something you can use in your affiliate marketing business too.

All you have to do is purchase through this link >>> http://ReadyToGoSystems.com/IMNicheDomination

You’ll then be able to access this bonus on your receipt.

Note: Even if you buy AFTER I’ve done the workshop you will still get the bonus! 🙂

If you want a ton of great tools all ready done for you then don’t miss snatching this up now!


Talk soon!


How Affiliate Marketers Can Use Ready To Go Systems

As an affiliate marketer you need a lot of “stuff” to run your business.

Obviously you need a squeeze page (opt-in page) so you can build your list, and you need a blog. Those are the basics, but you also need…

1. Content for your blog.

2. Reviews for products your an affiliate for.

3. Free offers to be able to grab more people with different things to get them on your list.

4. Emails that promote products you’re an affiliate for.

5. Videos that educate your audience and promote products you’re an affiliate for.

This is all the promotional stuff you’ll need to keep “feeding” your affiliate marketing business.

Here at ReadyToGoSystems.com I provide a lot of this stuff for you.

* I provide done for you content for your blog that promotes products you can be an affiliate for. This is really good, informative content that will make your audience want to buy from you.

* I provide done for your reviews that you can post on your blog or social media profiles and add your affiliate link to them.

* I provide done for you free offers that you can use as bonuses and/or list builders.

* I provide done for you emails that you can edit with your information and affiliate links and mail to your list.

* I provide done for you emails that educate your audience, review products, etc. All you have to do is add your affiliate links to them and post them to your YouTube channel, your blog, and/or your social media profiles.

Using my “ready to go systems” will save you a ton of time as an affiliate marketer, and make you way more money. Make sure you’re paying attention to my emails because although I do send a lot of emails that teach you, I also email about new ready to go systems I have too.

Below you will find links to my current ready to go systems (and some from friends of mine who also create ready to go systems) that will help you as an affiliate marketer.

Done For You Ready To Go Systems For Affiliate Marketers:

Your Own Affiliate Marketing System – This is a complete done for you system that will allow you to build your list and make money from it. You get a free offer, squeeze page, special offer that every subscriber sees so you make money quickly, and a 30 day email campaign that promotes 5 different products you can be an affiliate for! http://www.YourOwnAffiliateMarketingSystem.com

If you have any requests for ready to go systems you’d like for me to create please let me know. You can email me or just leave your suggestion below. 🙂

Hope this helps!


Here’s How To Get Started Making Money With Ready To Go Systems!

The whole reason I created ReadyToGoSystems.com was to provide YOU with ready to go resources to make money.

Things like complete funnels, list building systems, membership sites, content, and more.

There are TWO things you need to get started here though…

1. You need a way to build a list.

Building your email list consists of three things…

1. Having “something” that people want.

2. Having a page that allows people to opt-in to get that “something”.

3. Having targeted traffic sent to your page offering your “something”.

I have a complete cheatsheet you can use to start building your list right now. [thrive_2step id=’69’]Click here to download it.[/thrive_2step]

It doesn’t matter if you have an email ist of only 10 people. You can still use my ready to go systems to make money from those people. As you grow your list, your income will grow too.

2. You need a blog!

A blog allows you to do many things like…

1. Have content that gets your audience to know, like, and trust you which makes them BUY from you.

2. Have a place to post reviews or other promotional content for products and services you want to promote. You can do this for your own stuff or as an affiliate for other people’s stuff.

3. Traffic! Blogs can be used in many different ways to get traffic. SEO, sharing your posts on social media, guest blogging, and so many more ways. We will be talking about this more and more here.

4. List building! There are many ways to use your blog for list building. Take a look at the blog here and you’ll see I have several ways people can get on my list when they read my posts here. Again this is another topic we will be talking about more here on the blog.

So to get started make sure you have a way to start building your list AND make sure you have a blog. Below are links to some tutorials that will allow you to do both of these things!

Resources to help you get started:

List building – The Get A List In 24 Hours Workshop will show you everything you need to do to start building your list in just 24 hours. Click here for FREE access!

Blogging – I highly recommend you watch the following two workshops (no charge for either) to learn how to setup your very own blog!

The Biz Blog Secrets Workshop – This is a small online workshop I did explaining why you need a blog for your online business and all the different ways that you can use it. Click here for FREE access!

The Blog Kickstart Workshop – This is a workshop I did showing you exactly how to create your first blog. Click here for FREE access!

Have comments or questions? Make sure and leave them below…