The Big List Of DFY Affiliate Marketing Tools

This week we have talked a lot about affiliate marketing because it’s one of my favorite and most profitable business models. Specifically  we’ve been talking about DFY (done for you) affiliate marketing tools.

Things like squeeze pages, reviews, emails, content, etc. All the “stuff” you need to run an affiliate marketing business.

These are tools that you can use in your business that have been created for you by someone else. Usually you just throw your affiliate link into them, and you’re good to go. This takes a ton of work off of your shoulders! Always be on the lookout for these kind of tools.

I know of a ton of these tools, so I’ve decided to create this post so you can see what your options are. I will be updating this post as time goes with new stuff. I’ll email you anytime it gets updated.

Let’s get started…

1. Your Own Affiliate Marketing System – (Internet Marketing Niche) This is from yours truly. 🙂 It’s a complete ready to go system that gives you an opt-in page (squeeze page), a special offer that gives you a chance to make-money from every subscriber you get, and a 30 day email sequence promoting 5 different products you can be an affiliate for! This is exactly where you need to get started if you don’t have anything setup for your affiliate marketing business! –

2. IM Niche Domination – (Internet Marketing Niche) This is from one of my favorite DFY creators, Lee Murray. You get TWO of his “spin ready” review templates, 3 of his products to use as free offers to build your list or use as bonuses, 150 DFY emails, and a ton of training on how to use it all!

3. Email Ramp – (Multiple Niches) This is a killer little software that gives you 999+ emails to use in various niches for various things like launches, relationship building, emotional selling, story telling, and more! There’s several niches to choose from. You simply edit them with your information and links and BOOM! you have your own emails that get results!

4. AR Mail Genie – (Multiple Niches) I love AR Mail Genie because it gives me ready to go emails I can use in promotions for loads of different products and services. Just add your affiliate links and you’re ready to go! All affiliate marketers need these DFY emails!

5. Pixel Cover – (Multiple Niches) We all need ecovers for the different free offers and bonuses we give people in our affiliate marketing business. That can get REALLY expensive. With this package you can get 100 different ecovers you can take and turn into several different types of ecovers. This is quick, easy, AND will save you a ton of money!

6. Affiliazon DFY Monthly – (Multiple Niches) Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to get into affiliate marketing. You’re going to need a lot of content to do it though! Affiliazon DFY gives you a ton of content you can use to promote your Amazon affiliate links. You’ll get things like video product reviews, promotional banners, info graphics, keyword lists and more. It’s like an affiliate marketers utopia! 🙂 You can check it out at

7. Weight Loss Niche Domination – (Weight Loss Niche) Here’s another great one from Lee Murray! This is everything you need to dominate the weight loss niche as an affiliate marketer. You’ll get a killer funnel to get started in this super profitable niche, content, training and so much more. This is a must have if you’d like to break into this niche!



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